Re Cardiff Savings Bank [1892] 2 Ch 100, often called the Marquess of Bute's case is a UK company law case, concerning the duty of care owed by members of the board. It is old law, ... see In re Forest of Dean Coal Mining Company 10 Ch. D. 450, 452.

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case of lands within the National Forest System, the Secretary of Agriculture pursuant to subparagraph (A)(i)) shall include an as-sessment of the amount of coal deposits in such land, identifying the amount of such coal which is recoverable by deep mining oper-ations and the amount of such coal which is recoverable by surface mining operations.

In the Forest of Dean, the coal seams reached the surface (outcrop), where they appeared as a dark staining to the soil. The Forest coal seams tended to be narrow and steeply inclined. This made them unsuitable for mechanised mining but quite suited to hand methods.

Coal mining, on a small scale, had taken place in the area since before Roman times, but it was not until the industrial revolution, including the construction of coke-fired ironworks in the Forest itself, that exploitation of the Forest of Dean Coalfield occurred to any great degree.

It would appear that the gale was first granted around 1824 to George Powell, a free miner, who then leased his interests to James and Robert Morrell, bankers from Oxford, who held considerable interests in the Forest. A prospectus, dated about 1838, for the Lydney and Forest of Dean Coal Company gives some details of the colliery.

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Here's a look at some other fast facts about mining in Australia: Employment. Most of the 217,000-plus miners in Australia (45,800) work in exploration and mining support services. About 75,900 work in metal ores, followed by nearly 52,000 that work in the coal mines.

Jan 21, 2015· Today, we're taking a big-picture look at what makes this law so outdated and how that's coming back to haunt us. But first, two quick facts: This law applies only to hardrock minerals – gold, silver, copper, iron, uranium and the like. It doesn't apply to oil, gas and coal.

Gloucestershire can probably be divided conveniently into two parts: west of the Severn and east of the Severn. West of the River Severn is dominated by The Forest of Dean and is a basin of limestone with coal measures overlying the centre of the basin.

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The Forest of Dean's rich industrial history is a direct result of its geology, lying in a basin formed by carboniferous strata and almost coterminous with fields of coal and iron ore. The geomap at New Fancy provides a map describing the geology of the Forest and the location of the more important coal and iron mines. Iron Mining

Sep 04, 2019· Mining is a cyclical, boom-and-bust industry, so state and federal laws allow companies to pause work while prices rebound. In the coal industry, where the relevant permit status is usually called "temporary cessation," this pause rarely has a cap — although regulators attempt to track the number that have been idled for at least three years.

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Re Forest of Dean Coal Mining Co. Directors are bound to use fair and reasonable diligence in the management of company's affairs, and to act honestly. Re City Equitable Fire Insurance Co Ltd A director's duties are of intermittent nature to be performed …

Feb 04, 2015· If you can supply the details of your relative killed at Northern United Colliery (name & approx date), I can supply you with the exact details of the accident(s). I have spent 25 years in researching the mining accidents in the Forest of Dean coal and iron ore fields.

Apr 13, 2011· Along Route 26 in Boone County, W.Va., there are signs of mining activity, including a loadout facility, where coal is crushed and loaded on trucks and rail cars.

7420696 v1 oral argument scheduled for june 2, 2016 no. 15-1363 (and consolidated cases) in the united states court of appeals for the district of columbia circuit

The first coal from the mine was loaded on March 4, 1912. In September 1929, Sunday Creek Coal Company acquired the Poston No.6 mine. The Sunday Creek Coal Company was a major corporation—the second largest coal company in the world in 1905. Included in the company's holdings were 60 mining properties, 33 of which were in Ohio.

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History of Freemining. For hundreds of years, mining of the Forest of Dean Coalfield and iron reserves has been regulated through a system of Freemining, with the Free Miner's Mine Law Court sitting at the Speech House from 1682. The earliest known existing copy of Dean Miners' Laws and Privileges, known locally as the Book of Dennis, dates from 1610 but the copy itself contains references ...

Yes, the system was rigged in 1978, and coal producers laughed all the way to the bank. Until, that is, the tables turned in 1987. The game was re-rigged when the U.S. Congress repealed sections ...

Hodel v. ia Surface Mining, 452 U.S. 264 (1981) Hodel v. ia Surface Mining & Reclamation Association, Inc. ... In re Surface Mining Regulation Litigation, 452 F.Supp. 327 ... the District Court upheld the Act in the face of challenges similar to those raised by plaintiffs in the instant case. In Star Coal Co. v. Andrus, No. 79-171-2 ...

Freeminer is an ancient title given to coal or iron miners in the Forest of Dean. The Free Mining tradition is unique to the Forest.. The Origins. There are many references to medieval Free Miners; they were instrumental in recapturing Berwick upon Tweed several times (1296, 1305, 1315) as it passed between Scottish and English hands.

Of course there is not much difficulty in the case of deliberate and positive wrong-doing, as, for instance, where the directors of a company met and voted a gratuity to one of themselves, the others 2. In re Forest of Dean Coal Mining Co., xo Ch. Div. 450. 3. Wakeman v. Dalley, 51 N. Y. 27.

The Forest of Dean however was the only coal and iron mining district to hold such courts. Originally the Courts were held in any open space in the Forest but in the middle of the seventeenth century they came to be held in The Speech House, now a hotel and a wellknown landmark in the Forest.

RECENT CASES Wilkins,32 in which the court apparently reassessed the property on the basis of new ... .-The receiver and creditors of a corporation brought suit against the dis- ... '9 In re Forest of Dean Coal Mining Co., io Ch. Div. 450 (1878); ...